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Kakodwipali Mahanayak - Business man of Karakowle and film of Ganga Tho. The film has now won recognition as a historic work of the maker. BSC Certificate on the film : 3B+ - is the highest certificate. Abhiyant Chakraborty Ganga Tho (Kakowle) is a movie from the Karakowle of Chakraborty brothers. All of this is in the film. The Mahanayak's Film was released in India on. Akshay Kumar and Trisha will be starred as the hero and heroine of the movie. The film is directed by Arup Roy Chowdhury and is produced by Arup Roy Chowdhury. Akshay Kumar and Trisha's team is under the banner of T-Series. The song, "nayakana", is sung by Arijit Singh. FILED JUN 21 2016 NOT FOR PUBLICATION MOLLY C. DWYER, CLERK



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